My goal is to educate people about what it means to have a healthy and active lifestyle. I continually strive for improvement. I encourage others to do the same. You don’t have to run 5 miles or lift too much weight right away. If you do one extra push up a day, add 2 extra pounds, or run that extra 5 seconds, these small changes will add up to big improvements. I started Herbalife about 5 years ago when I was introduced to the products by a friend. I have been in the weightlifting and bodybuilding world for most of my life, but I didn’t have the knowledge about what to look for in my nutritional products, or how to maintain a helpful meal plan for my goals. Through Herbalife, I’ve been able to achieve the energy level and physique I want. I feel better now than I ever have!


I originally started my Herbalife journey in 2014. At the time I was a 3 sport athlete, but definitely didn’t look like one. I started off by drinking the shakes and the peach beverage drink mix just because it tastes amazing. About a year later, my dad decided he wanted to open his own storefront for Herbalife products and we started a 90 Day Overall Transformation Challenge. After this challenge, I lost 16 lbs of fat, went down 2 visceral ratings, and lost 15 years off my metabolic age. I instantly turned this into a lifestyle. I started eating better, feeling better, and even looking better! My passion is to help others achieve their healthy lifestyle & have fun doing it! This product has changed my life for the better, and allows me to follow my dreams while doing it!


I started Herbalife in 2015 when Essential Nutrition originally opened. I was only coming in for the tea, liftoff and shakes. I fell in love instantly with how the product tastes and how it makes me feel. My energy levels have been better than ever & I’ve been able to live a healthier lifestyle. Being a high school student, I’ve learned how to make a residual income and still enjoy my social life and cheerleading. Herbalife has given me the opportunity to be healthier, help others, and grow my business.


I started Herbalife because I’ve always been interested in helping others reach their fitness goals and it also allows me to make extra income for my family! I absolutely love working at Essential Nutrition because it helps motivate me stay on track as an Herbalife Distributor as well as maintaining a good relationship with my preferred members. I also enjoy conversations with regular customers and meeting new people!

Northwest Indiana Herbalife Distributor. Leader in Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes. Buy our healthy shakes and other weight loss products
Northwest Indiana Herbalife Distributor. Leader in Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes. Buy our healthy shakes and other weight loss products

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